Student testimonials

“I’m from Queensland, Australia and have been hugely influenced by Culadasa’s teachings. I still listen to his range of audio recordings weekly and am eagerly anticipating the release of his book. His wisdom and clarity of expression has undoubtedly influenced my evolution in a profound way and my life has truly transformed, simply by living it from an increasingly informed, appropriate, powerful and integrated paradigm.” – Andrew Scrivens

“I have had the privilege of attending two group meditation retreats given by Master Culadasa. His teachings are clear, comprehensive and easily adopted. I accomplished more in three days with him, than in three months on my own…” – Bruce Klein / Claire Elfeld

“Upasaka Culadasa was recommended to me some years ago by a friend and mentor who is himself a very accomplished Buddhist teacher. I’ve studied with many great teachers over the past 40 years, including great masters in the Tibetan tradition and leading Western teachers in both the Tibetan and Theravada tradition, but I have to say that when it comes to clarity and usefulness of advice for how to really blossom in meditation Culadasa is the most astonishing teacher, Eastern or Western, I have ever encountered. His grounding in modern science, precision, kindness and profound realization are unique in my experience. I feel so very fortunate to have encountered his teachings and have met and talked to so many other people at Culadasa’s teachings who have come to the same conclusion that I have: while there are many good teachers out there, Upasaka Culadasa is a true master of meditation – a rare jewel of the Dharma. “ – Kevin Knox

“I had meditated for a number of years before I began to study with Culadasa; and, I had had the great fortune to have studied with illustrious teachers. It was Culadasa’s simple and eminently pragmatic understanding of mindfulness, as “the optimal balance between attention and awareness,” which turned a light on for me. My meditation practice is now deeper and more precise as a result. Sure, one’s psycho-emotional balance is an unstable equilibrium; it takes conscious effort. But now I understand the practicalities of the balance. That for me has made all the difference. I am fortunate, and very grateful to be able to pass on Culadasa’s common sense instructions to my students. With deep love and appreciation, Mark Pirtle”

“Recalling numerous pieces of very clever advice from Upasaka Culadasa’s teachings transformed my month-long shamatha retreat from a frustrating struggle to a fascinating, rewarding challenge. Instead of battling to focus, I found the various aspects of my mind working together harmoniously, which facilitated an exciting growth spurt in my mindfulness skills and infused my meditation experiences with an enthusiastic joy. Priceless advice!” – Robert Leamy