Recommended Teachers of The Mind Illuminated Meditation

The following are highly qualified teachers who are certified to have completed The Mind Illuminated Teacher Training Program under the direct and personal guidance of Upasaka Culadasa/John Yates PhD.

Each of these teachers has successfully completed a three and a half year Teacher Training Program including more than 150 contact hours as well as peer review and evaluation by Upasaka Culadasa/John Yates Ph.D. The Mind Illuminated Teacher Training Program transmitted in-depth theoretical and applied knowledge for the practice and teaching The Mind Illuminated Samatha-Vipassana Meditation Method, based on multiple traditional paths of Buddhist Meditation training integrated with modern studies in cognitive and neurosciences. Upasaka Culadasa/John Yates Ph.D. led all tuition and classwork and wholeheartedly recommends the holders of this certificate to teach The Mind Illuminated Samatha-Vipassana Meditation Method.

Upasaka Culadasa/John Yates Ph.D., Head of Faculty, The Mind Illuminated Meditation Teacher Training Program, meditation teacher in the Theravada and Mahayana meditation traditions and retired Professor of Neuroscience.

2020 Graduates:

Robin Craig

Terry Dushenko

Paulin Elley

Chris Gagné

Babette Haemmerle

Mary Hill

Anne Lindsey (Chukyi)

Darin McFadyen

Terry Moody

Henrik Norberg

Mark Pirtle

Jaye Ring

David Schultz

Alexandra Tataryn

Darlene Tataryn

Douglas Tataryn

Nick Van Kleeck

Cliff Walshein

Jeff Wooley

2019 Graduates:

Michael Dunn

Ivan Ganza

Josh Geller

Anna Knutson Geller

Nick Grabovac

Tom Kennedy

Jon Krop

Andrea Lemon

Ted Lemon

Eve Smith

2018 Graduates:

Blake Barton

Jesse Fallon

Jeremy Graves

Jordan Hill

Matthew Immergut